Which documents does an owner need to submit with an application
for an annual cannabis cultivation license?
Each owner must provide a copy of a government-issued identification (such as
a driver’s license or passport) and a completed electronic fingerprint application
(see more information on this step below). If an owner has a history of criminal
convictions, additional documents may be required (see more information on the
other side).
State license is required to engage in commercial cannabis activity in Illinoise. Applicants will also need to provide proof of approval from the local jurisdiction they’ll be operating in before a license can be issued. Please note that if a local jurisdiction prohibits commercial cannabis activity, the state cannot issue a license for a premises within that local jurisdiction.

For more information or to apply for a license with one of the state’s three cannabis licensing authorities, please visit the links provided below.

At Pioneer Physicians, our goal is to provide the expert medical care you need, when you need it. That’s why each of our urgent care centers is equipped with an on-site lab to perform diagnostic tests during your visit.

Lab and diagnostic tests are important tools that can help a physician determine the underlying cause of your symptoms, confirm a diagnosis and monitor the effects of prescribed medications.

We perform tests for flu, strep, respiratory viruses (including RSV), and pregnancy. We also offer hemoglobin tests, comprehensive metabolic panels, prothrombin time tests, urinalysis, digital X-rays and EKGs.

Every diagnostic test performed at our urgent care centers is read a Pioneer Physicians radiologist or pathologist, in addition to an onsite physician.

    Blood Glucose Tests
    Chlamydia Test
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panels
    COVID-19 Antibody Testing
    Digital X-Rays
    Flu Tests
    Hemoglobin Tests
    Mono Tests
    Pregnancy Tests
    Respiratory Tests (RSV)
    Strep Tests
    Urine Tests



A Doctor is Always Available


We always have board-certified doctors at Pioneer Physicians on site at our center to provide expert care when you need it.


Experienced Providers You Can Trust

Walk in to our location with plenty of parking and our teams will strive to have you in-and-out within an hour. No appointment necessary.


In addition, we provide Immigration Medical Exam for Green Card along with the Medical lab testing such as:

    Blood testing
    STD Testing
    Thyroid disease diagnosis
    Flu diagnosis and tests
    Rapid Influenza
    Pregnancy Test
    Lipid Panel testing